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Cengage Permissions and Accessibility Inquiries

Thank you for your interest in Cengage. Please complete this form to request permission to use Cengage textbooks and other learning materials (Materials) in standard reuse opportunities (both educational and commercial, including photocopies, republishing and customization). This form must also be completed for use by an institution's Disability Support Services Office for accessibility-related requests.

All requests will be reviewed, and a response provided as soon as possible.

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Cengage is a member of the AccessText Network (ATN). Higher Educational ATN members in the U.S. and Canada can request e-files directly from the ATN. If e-files are not available on the ATN, please submit a support ticket via the ATN portal. If you require assistance or need more information on the ATN, they may be reached at

Cengage provides files to the National Instructional Materials Access Center (NIMAC) for use by U.S. K-12 institutions. Please visit NIMAC for information on how to receive files in .nimas format.

Note: Cengage does NOT have any audio, Braille, or large print Materials. If you require one of these formats, please complete the form and we will grant permission to convert our e-files into a format that is accessible to your student or instructor. For audio versions, we recommend first checking with Learning Ally. For Braille versions, please check with the American Printing House for the Blind. If you require alternative versions of Materials older than 2010, please submit a request and we will research your options. Please see Cengage’s Accessibility Page for more information on accessibility at Cengage.

Cengage will provide digital files, if available, to an institution’s Disability Support Services Office for use by a qualified individual, within the United States or Canada, who has purchased access to Cengage Materials. Requests from countries outside of the United States and Canada are considered on a case by case basis.

This form supports the following Accessibility Use request types

Alternate Format: Requests for alternative versions of Cengage Materials for use by an individual with a qualified disability.

Accessibility Documentation: Requests for accessibility conformance of Cengage Materials. Please note that Cengage Accessibility platform Voluntary Product Accessibility Templates (VPATs) can be downloaded directly from the Cengage VPAT page. Requests for platform VPATs will be directed to this page.

Accessibility Issue in a Product: Inquiries related to an accessibility issue causing a barrier for a student with a qualified disability.

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Cengage asks that these requests be submitted by the Disability Support Services Office (DSSO) at your institution. Please note that if you proceed you may be asked to contact your DSSO before your request can be fulfilled.

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